Here at Improbable Objects, we create the everyday ephemera of real life. If, that is, you lived in an alternative universe or two. If you’d like to make your life just a little bit less real, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are currently offering a variety of unusual items, to be found at various venues on the Internet. Please feel free to browse our stores to learn more.


Professional puzzle-crafter (and author of the book A Maze of Games) Mike Selinker admits he's never seen a puzzle like this before. Not only are puzzlecards a new kind of puzzle, they're also greeting cards to send to friends and family: mysterious shapes that are transformed by the recipient into a special message.


Introduced to the world as a Kickstarter project, PennyGems are now available through my new-and-improved online store! These amazing little tokens are spectacular to look at, wonderful to hold, and perform remarkably well as replacement markers for myriad board games.

Deluxe Fanucci

This deck of cards was originally described in the “Zork” text adventure games published in the 1980s. I decided I wanted an actual physical Fanucci deck, even though it has 15 suits, and a total of 174 cards. Then I invented some games to play with it. The deck is currently available through Gamecrafter.

Parking Stickers

The original ‘Improbable Objects,’ my parking sticker series are uniquely serial numbered parking permits for your car window for places that don’t really exist, like Starfleet Academy, Hogwarts, Oceanic Airlines, Wayne Industries, and many many more. Also found at my store.

Primal Order: The Planes of Possibility

Before Wizards of the Coast made Magic, they made RPG supplements, and I was one of the authors involved with their flagship line. I have the last remaining new copies of the non-system-specific book I wrote about the theory and practice of using planes in your role-playing games. Rated 5 out of 6 by Dragon Magazine.

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